Outlook Help Phone Number 1-855-490-2999 Number help of Email backup

How To Resolve ‘MS Outlook Unable To Download Incoming Mail’ Issue?

Performing work has become a lot easier with the inception of technology. There were limited sources of communication a century ago, but now, we have been blessed with hundreds of new sources of communication. On professional platforms, emails are used as the number one medium to communicate with each other.

Emails ensure that work is done in the right order and all the people who are related to a particular task are on the same page. So, when email services such as Microsoft Outlook is unable to download incoming mail, people start to panic. Well, they have all the right to hit that panic button because their work is suffering because of the technical glitch in MS Outlook.

The issue is not that complex and can be fixed by calling at the Outlook customer service phone number 1-855-490-2999 (toll-free). Calling the experts and a little patience will get their email service back on track. Here are the steps that one can follow when MS Outlook doesn’t download incoming mail.

  1. Open MS Outlook and click ‘File’, followed by ‘Info’ and finally, ‘Account Settings’. There will be subsequent drop lists from which these options need to be selected. Click on ‘email’ tab followed by selecting the email account, which is not able to download incoming emails. Finally, click ‘next’.
  2. You need to check the configuration of your email account for accuracy. Check if the spelling of email address is correct, check server settings configuration for the type of mail, mail server port numbers, and server connection type, etc. There will be a box named ‘leave a copy of messages on the server’, which you have to check along with password accuracy. Then, click ‘test account settings’ to confirm whether everything is fine or not.
  3. Compare configuration settings on any other PC where you download emails. Check that ‘leave a copy of messages on the server’ option because many times, it gets unchecked automatically.

Verify all the errors with your email server, and still, if the problem persists, then you will have to get in touch with MS Outlook experts. You can call at the Outlook customer care phone number and explain the issue you are facing. For more info visit:- http://www.email-techsupportnumber.com/outlook-customer-number/


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